Om oss

SOIDA has a working collaboration with Somali women voices{ SWV}, a women led organization in Somalia that advocates for inclusivity, equity and equal participation, SWV is a reputable organization that matches our needs based on their operations, institutional policies and accountability set-up that ensures donor funded projects are implemented with integrity.

SOIDA and SWV have an MOU in place that ensures that they do our implementations in Somalia, we have a history of working together where we support them with competent human resource and help them develop their organization. we have recently implemented forumciv funded projects where SOIDA acted as a receiver and insured that the projects were implemented as recommended by the Forumciv.

in addition to these, our Collaboration also ensures that we achieve our common goals, the goals to see a fairer and just society, where women and men have equal say and participate in the community developments, a goal to empower minority groups in our society and make them feel safe and have their voices heard, through out our collaborations, we encourage Cultivate openness and transparency, encouraging through idea shairing and encourage across the departments collaborations

We are members of SOMKEN NGO consortium, a consortium that works with women and minority groups to encourage equal participation and a just community,we are also accredited to work closely with Somali parliamentary women caucus to promote awareness on equal representation and do awareness on democracy and the rule of law, we also participate on media awareness programs, this involves working with the media to promote awareness on injustices that that marginalized communities including women and youths face, we encourage the minority community actors to work closely with the media to report any such atrocities.

our organization also works with local authorities and police to ensure equal participation, we encourage authorities in Banadir region to involve more women in community works and involve them in community decision table, we also work with the like-minded civil society organizations.

SOIDA targets women leaders, youths, opinion leaders, human right actors, traditional leaders, civil society, minority and vulnerable groups and government agencies, to drive the community-wide efforts. Leaders being engage are inducted and must possess certain qualities that are per-determined by the organization. including: the will to serve as the leader of the community mobilization effort over a