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testing In Xamarin Test Cloud, how to run concurrent tests on multiple devices for an app that uses logged in users?

I have done some research and found that we can write test cases in our application and send them to xamarin test cloud. Continuously build, test, release, and monitor apps for every platform. If we run this test on multiple devices simultaneously with the same user account, the test will pass only on the first device. This package is required to configure the server responsible for running tests on iOS. Now, let’s dig deeper into how to actually write the tests and run them with Xamarin Test Cloud to create automated UI Tests.

  • But as your app starts to grow, you are supporting more and more platforms, and as your development team grows, doing these kinds of tests becomes undoable by hand.
  • Testers can even improve the quality of reports by including high-resolution screenshots.
  • Despite the fact that Xamarin Test Cloud comes from Xamarin, it is not a mandate that your app needs to be built on Xamarin.
  • It’s a separate app installed by Xamarin Test Cloud alongside your app.
  • The Xamarin UITest is a framework based on the popular NUnit testing library, which enables developers to write tests in C#.

LambdaTest supports all web and mobile development frameworks, solutions, component libraries, and platforms for end to end testing. Visual Studio App Center offers the same devices, performance, and features as Xamarin Test Cloud, plus an upgraded API, and new features like saved device sets. It also integrates our automated quality services with our other App Center services, like cloud-based builds, app distribution, crash reporting, user analytics, and push notifications. Xamarin Test Cloud can be integrated with automated builds or continuous.

Xamarin Test Recorder – How to Use with iOS App

Xamarin.UITest differs for hybrid apps, because the DOM is actually HTML DOM. Connect with our experts and explore how your team can save hours every day by executing tests at HyperExecute platform. Open-source projects can become LambdaTest partner and we’ll give you 175,000 free testing minutes each month. A possibility would be to distinguish between integration test and UI test. Unfortunately, I could not include everything (different cases), but I hope that this series will encourage you to broaden your knowledge about UI Tests. Each new Xamarin Test Cloud account has automatically one Team with one User created who is both—Team Manager and Administrator.

xamarin test cloud

There is information about the number of tests (with results also) and devices on which these tests were launched. Once you have your application ready for tests, you can submit it to the Test Cloud via Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. As you can see, there is one team created, and you are included in it. If you are interested in broadening your knowledge about cross-platform tests (but not only), I recommend checking the “XTC101” and “XTC102” courses available at the Xamarin University.

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It allows us to explore the user interface and create the queries and statements so that the test may interact with the application. On May 16, 2011, Miguel de Icaza announced on his blog that Mono would be developed and supported by Xamarin, a newly formed company that planned to release a new suite of mobile products. According to de Icaza, at least part of the original Mono team had moved to the new company. For a relatively simple approach (depending on your app and test code), you can have each concurrent test (device) use a different set of user credentials and book different rooms. In your test code you would then have some collection of user credentials, room numbers and other variables that should vary per concurrent test. With all these awe-inspiring features, there sound dark clouds too.

xamarin test cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud makes it easier for users to generate detailed test reports. The testers even have the option to generate reports for individual tests. Testers can even improve the quality of reports by including high-resolution screenshots. These tests reports also provide useful results which are based on test duration, CPU access, memory consumption and similar performance data. For testing mobile application effectively, the testers have to focus on many factors.

Permanently allow Xamarin iOS app to accept incoming connection (Xamarin Test Cloud Agent)

Unit Tests and Integration tests (mostly technical tests) cannot be performed by The Xamarin Test Cloud Results Extension allows you to see your test results in one comprehensive place, making it easy to identify and fix issues in your apps. Xamarin Test Cloud automatically tests apps written in any language on over 2,000 real devices, including complex gestures, and delivers results in minutes. Once you have the package name set correctly, you can launch the application on the emulator (yes, do it before tests). In my case, I am using Xamarin Android Player emulator (I advise you do the same; you can download it here). With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can test your mobile apps on a variety of different devices and take advantage of detailed reports.

xamarin test cloud

UITest is based on the popular NUnit framework, so there is also big support from the community. It is especially recommended for developers who have previous experience with automating their tests. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge that you have read and understand our privacy policy and code of conduct. With Xamarin.UITest and nunit runner you can test locally on your devices and/or emulators/simulators. Bulma is a free and open source framework that can help frontend developers create responsive pages fast.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud for?

This type of test is being used to check if our current code works with the previous versions (for instance, if newly a written class works properly with others). Test Cloud Server Application runs as a separate application with permission to cooperate with the actual application for tests. The decision about which framework you should use is up to you—both of them will test the proper behavior of the application. It is also possible to target other different platforms such as Tizen (by Samsung), GTK (Linux), WPF and macOS even though they have stayed in Preview.

Such mobile applications can include hybrid apps or apps which are a mix of native and HTML5 based. Testing and execution using Xamarin Test Cloud actually happen on real devices. It was one of the biggest assumptions about Xamarin Test Cloud that they are not running on actual devices since so many cloud-based services use simulators. This makes Xamarin Test Cloud stand alone as it is distinguished from those other platforms that require simulators to achieve large device counts. Such unique feature sets Xamarin Test Cloud apart from other ‘real device’ testing platforms. No matter what design or development framework you use, you can test your web and mobile apps at scale here.

Xamarin.UITest DeviceAgentException: Failed to install DeviceAgent

Test Cloud Server Application is built into the tested application—but in order to achieve that, you have add a NuGet package (Xamarin Test Cloud Agent). The frameworks mentioned above (UITest or Calabash) test the mobile app functionality, but they do not interact with the app directly. Sometimes, there are just too many features for manual testing—you might have no choice but to automate.

xamarin test cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud help enterprises in automating UI acceptance testing effort. Without consuming much of tester’s effort and time, Xamarin Test Cloud assesses the application’s look, feel, functionality and performance across wide variety of devices. CEO and co-founder of Xamarin, Nat Friedman, announced the alliance at the launch of Visual Studio 2013 in New York. In crucial decision-making processes, there is sometimes a requirement of detailed and accurate test results which are related to the mobile application’s release and promotions. Xamarin Test Cloud simplifies the generation of detailed test reports. The testers even have options to generate reports for individual tests.

Cypress Testing

Xamarin as a cross-platform mobile application development platform which makes it easy for developers to build native apps for Android, iOS and Windows using a single code base written in C#. But this does not simplify the work of developers, still, the developers have to put additional time and effort to ensure that the application runs flawlessly on a wide variety of devices. Developers have to perform elaborate user interface acceptance testing in order to assess the application’s usage and user interaction effectively.

Xamarin Open-source mobile app platform for .NET –

Xamarin Open-source mobile app platform for .NET.

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